News Release

‘World Report’ Crew Comes to Australia

Producer Michael Purdy of the Church’s “World Report,” recently stopped in Sydney with photographers Shawn Murdock and David Nystul. They filmed and interviewed members of the Church for the upcoming April, 2012, broadcast.

The semi-annual report is now in its tenth year. This edition will highlight news and events pertaining to the Church in the Pacific Area and will be aired in conjunction with April 2012 General Conference.

Contributing to the report were star of the Broadway show “Wicked”, Patrice Patoki Arkins, clinical psychologist Emily Kwok, Rugby League star Will Hopoate, early convert Ian Mackie, and Area Seventy Elder Terence Vinson.

Michael Purdy intends that the upcoming report portrays “the growth, strength and future of the Church in Australia, as reflected in its members.”

Ian Mackie, now age eigthy years, joined the Church as a young husband and father. He told the crew of his conversion and the building of chapels and eventually the Sydney temple. “My family said my conversion would not last,” he said, “but the Gospel has been the most important thing in my life.”

From Sydney the production crew headed to Fiji and Samoa.

World Report in October 2011 included coverage on the Perpetual Education Fund, the Church in the Philippines, the newly dedicated San Salvador Temple, the new broadcasting building at Brigham Young University, and the construction of a Jerusalem replica movie set.


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