News Release

Books About Mormonism Available in Public Libraries

With Mormons frequently in today’s news, many people wonder where to go to learn about the Church from a reliable source.

Accurate and informative books about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are now available in eight city libraries in the East Brisbane area. Receiving the donation from Church representatives was Redland City Mayor, Karen Williams. 

The Multi-faith Centre at Griffith University’s Nathan Campus also received one of the book packs, which include The Encyclopaedia of Mormonism, Our Search for Happiness, Joseph Smith and the Beginnings of Mormonism, and The Book of Mormon:  Another Testament of Jesus Christ

Jeremy Rota, Bishop of the Capalaba congregation attended the book reception. “Correct perceptions of the Church and its members are likely to result from reading these primary sources,” said Bishop Rota. “Even though we are in the midst of a ‘Mormon Moment,’ the depth of the religion and its members are at times overlooked or misconstrued.”

“We encourage those who desire to know more about the Mormons to read these publications,” says Mike Malouf, Director of Public Affairs for the Church in the larger Brisbane area. “Interested persons are also invited to visit the informative website .”

The Church sprang up in the eastern United States in the 1830’s, and immediately sent representatives near and far to tell others about The Book of Mormon–that it is a companion to the Holy Bible and a second voice proclaiming the divinity of Jesus Christ.

That same desire to share their beliefs exists in the Church today, as members tell their neighbours what and why they believe and as more than 55,000 missionaries traverse the globe. 

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