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Cairns Continues the Spirit of Christmas Through Service 


The Spirit of Christmas continues in Cairns as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints strive to 'Light their Community' through simple acts of service this Christmas season.  These service projects continue a month-long Church 'Light the World' initiative which was introduced at a special musical concert held in Fogarty Park on 1st December.

Nicole Ziegellbauer, Director of Public Affairs for the Cairns District (diocese) commented, “For many years we have supported a local youth homeless shelter that recently shut down so we’re thankful to find other organisations to support and bring some joy to our community.”

Rosie’s (Friends on the Street) were the grateful recipients of over 400 meals prepared by members of the Cairns District. They were thrilled to receive such an influx of meals at this time of year. They were especially excited that their freezers were filled to the brim.

Church youth leader Shane Luki, observed, “Being able to make meals for the homeless was a remarkable and unforgettable experience. Seeing the youth’s enthusiastic attitudes as they packed the meals was an indication of their desire to help our local community. I was impressed and deeply touched by the efforts of all who participated.”

Giving to the Cairns community continued in other ways as members of the Church gathered to sing to and mingle with residents of two local aged-care facilities.

Gisely Franco, Relief Society (the Church's women's organisation) president of the Cairns First Branch (congregation) and her friend and fellow Church member Rosa Dias, both natives of Brazil, sang carols in Portuguese to the residents, while the rest of the Church congregation sang in English, with the residents singing along. Gisely remarked, “When I looked at the faces of the elderly, I realised that they are, as I am, ‘A Child of God.’ I was so blessed to have this opportunity to sing for them.”

Bubba Tou of the Cairns Second Branch added, “As we ministered to them through song, I was reminded of the tender mercies that God places in our path every day. He loves all of His children and these beautiful souls are filled with His love also.”

The Cairns District members are now planning ways in which they can be involved with their community on a regular, ongoing basis because of the overwhelmingly positive response received  from its citizens.

Nicole Ziegelbauer concludes, “They were filled with gratitude, which made our hearts swell. This is God’s work and if we are willing to simply reach out and touch the lives of others in simple ways, His love can abound.  We are looking forward to what 2019 might bring.”

For more information how you can #LIghttheWorld, click here.

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