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Church provides donation to major children’s charity

How much is the life of a child worth who will never live to adulthood? Every year, Bear Cottage relies on the public for over $2.5 million in running costs to provide a loving, home-style environment for children and their families affected by life-limiting conditions. Recently, Elder Terence Vinson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) presented a cheque for $10,000 to the NSW Shadow Treasurer, Mike Baird, who represented Bear Cottage, a major children's charity.

Mormon youth at NSW parliament last September asked Mr. Baird "if politicians really care about the community." Mr. Baird responded by mentioning the proud associations that politicians are able to have with community development, commenting on his affection for the work of Bear Cottage in his parliamentary seat of Manly.

His obvious commitment to the work of Bear Cottage moved the youth to select the children's hospice as the recipient of their end of year fast, which saw almost 2000 of them go without two meals to fund their contribution. Mormons worldwide fast on the first Sunday of each month and donate the funds saved, with no clerical expense, to those in need.

Kate Henshall of Bear Cottage thanked the Church for the donation emphasising, "we're not here unless the community is supporting us."

Matt Seidl, also of Bear Cottage, said poignantly, "you went without a couple of meals so that we could be together for ours. Thank you."

From the initial struggles that Bear Cottage overcame from 1996 to its opening in 2001, it has turned one of Sydney's real estate gems into what money cannot buy – providing a home with expert medical attention where children and their families can be together as they prepare to continue their journey of life without a loved one.

For more information on Bear Cottage, go to this link.


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