Official Statement

Church Embraces All Cultures and Languages

Church Statement on Brisbane Samoan Language Issue

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints welcomes all people of all cultures. We endeavour to treat all people with respect and kindness.

There is no ban on the use of the Samoan language in Brisbane, and there never has been a ban. Samoan members are an integral part of the Church in Brisbane. They are among the men and women who are the leaders of our congregations. The Samoan language is often used in our meetings. Members who wish to do so, pray, give sermons and otherwise participate in Samoan in our congregations. Language assistance is offered to all. The Samoan people and culture are embraced in the Church as are all people of all cultures. 

The Church re-organized some of its Brisbane congregations in 2007 to integrate our members into English language congregations to provide greater support and benefit to our youth. This has been a great blessing to our young people. Unfortunately, there was some isolated miscommunication and misunderstanding on the part of some at that time. We continue to reach out to clarify misunderstandings and resolve concerns.

We invite all — including any who still feel disaffected by this decision — to come and visit our services, worship with us, and see for themselves how the Church loves, respects and supports all of its members. 


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