Public Issue

Marriage, Religious Freedom and Civility

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints joins with millions of Australians in support of marriage between a man and a woman and, while respectful of those who think differently, we will continue to promote this understanding of marriage.

Here are two reasons:

First, we believe that strong, stable families led by a father and mother provide the best environment we have for bringing children into this world and raising them.  We should do everything we can to protect and strengthen that environment.

Second, we’re concerned that legalizing same-sex marriage substantially reduces the space available to people of faith who have traditional beliefs about marriage and family.  For members of the Church, marriage between a man and woman has always been core doctrine.  In places where same-sex marriage is now legal, our ability to remain true to all aspects of that doctrine is now increasingly challenged.

As we look to the upcoming federal election and possible plebiscite on the definition of marriage, we should remember that the decisions we collectively make now will determine to a large extent how much space people will have to live, in ways that are consistent with their core beliefs and values.  Religious freedom is a fundamental human right which we should also be very careful to protect.

Latter-day Saints encourage all Australians to express their views on these issues with civility and respect.

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