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Day 2 #LightTheWorld: I Was Thirsty and Ye Gave Me Drink 


People can thirst both physically and spiritually. Needs can be quenched when others respond in kindness.  That's exactly what the youth from the Wyndham Stake (diocese) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints did as they prepared "baby boxes" for mothers and their newborns.

The "Baby Box Project" is run by local member of the state parliament, Dr Rachel Carling-Jenkins who saw a way to provide for the physical needs of the child and to lift the spirits of the mother.

Each "baby box" includes a small gift for the mother and newborn items - a baby blanket, wipes, jumpsuit, beanies, socks and disposable nappies.  The youth, who had gathered for a mini youth conference, enjoyed turning their attention from their games and activities to participate in this project.  

Whether it's physical or spiritual, we can help others receive the life-sustaining water that their bodies need and the living water that their spirits need by following Christ's example of lovingkindness.

Click on the video below to watch Day 2, centred around Matthew 25:35 "I was thirsty and ye gave me drink".

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