Embracing Cultural Diversity and Nurturing Unity (VIDEO)

Two new videos, one in English and one in Samoan, describe The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' approach to supporting its members in multicultural and multi-lingual societies, and at the same time fostering an environment of unity.

The Church has three options when considering the languages that will be available in its various wards (congregations) in Australia.  Some wards have sermons and lessons shared exclusively in a language other than English.  Others may be entirely in English.  

But there are many which combine multiple languages to meet worship and service needs.  This includes responding to the desires of those who wish to transition over time to a new language, and the needs of parents and youth who sometimes differ in their native and English language skills.  

Decisions on what languages will be used depend on a range of factors including the needs of members both young and old, the resources available to translate other languages and whether there are sufficient buildings to house multiple congregations.  Local Church leaders seek the inspiration of the Lord and make decisions consistent with the spiritual guidance that they receive.

Watch 'Embracing Cultural Diversity and Nurturing Unity' in English.

Watch 'Embracing Cultural Diversity and Nurturing Unity' in Samoan.

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