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Faith and Community Leaders Urge Australians to Strengthen Marriages

Faith and other leaders gathered in Canberra recently to discuss ways to strengthen marriages and families.

The occasion was the 10th Annual National Marriage Day. Speakers included Rev. Dr Margaret Court,  Christopher Brohier LLB, Neville Rochow SC, and Giulia Jones MLA.

Subjects explored included the social and economic benefits of marriage, avoiding unnecessary divorce, and ways to boost strong and lasting marriages.

Rev. Court spoke about the power of forgiveness in a marriage. “Don’t hold hurt or grudges,” she said. 

“Marriage is a ‘We’ not an ‘I’.  We put the other before ourselves.  Selfishness is one of the main breakdowns of marriage.”

She added: “Words are powerful. You can destroy a marriage with your words. But your words between one another can strengthen and build your marriage into something beautiful.”

Watch a short clip about beliefs regarding marriage and family held by members of The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints.

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