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Gippsland Saints Embrace "Come and Help" Month For Those In Need

Members of Gippsland Australia Stake (diocese) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have embraced the spirit of "Come and Help" Month 2020, by planning and implementing many Christ-like community service projects. Through their faith in action, members and friends have spread care and reassurance to their wider communities, including those affected by the recent bushfires.


Devon Meadows and Lynbrook Ward (congregation) members of all ages and stages donned yellow vests and worked tirelessly to clean up Lang Lang and Cranbourne cemeteries respectively.             

Organised by Jessica Malcom, Moe Ward (congregation) participated in the Australian Red Cross Blood Drive. 15 ward members donated blood and 4 donated plasma on the day. It was such a good turnout that more staff than usual had to be scheduled. According to spokesperson Zalie Perry, "it was a great way to help our community by sacrificing our time and for some, getting over a fear of needles". The blood donated will potentially save 45 lives, and the plasma will help burns and trauma victims. It will also assist to develop treatments for serious illnesses, provide transfusion for cancer patients, facilitate transplant surgeries, and provide relief to haemophilia patients.”

Pakenham Ward’s Mia Skipwith joined with others to organise donations of non-perishable food and other items to the Tynong CFA (County Fire Authority). This initiative aligned perfectly with the Church Youth Theme for 2020, entitled "Go and Do".

“We called on our Pakenham Ward Family who helped fill my van with an abundance of love from us, to our fellow brothers and sisters in need. The donations were received with many thanks and much appreciation," Mia explained.

As a result of pledging the $300 raised from their charity car wash, Pakenham Ward received a thank you letter from the Gippsland Bushfire Community Appeal in association with The Trustee for Community Enterprise Foundation.

Wonthaggi Branch members donated 4 carloads of supplies to the Wonthaggi CFA to take to the East Gippsland Relief Centre for bushfire victims. The branch also wrote a letter of thanks for the opportunity they had to participate in that effort, and for the great work the Wonthaggi CFA performs in the community.

Stake Communication Director Alice Watson remarked, “I wholeheartedly thank all participants for their genuine compassion for others. Church members and numerous other volunteers are an indispensable part of our society.”

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