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Hello Mr Prime Minister

What did a 20-year-old Mormon computer programmer say to the Australian prime minister recently?

Grant Campbell was one of dozens of people trying to get the ear of Australian prime minister, the Hon Malcolm Turnbull, at an afternoon tea in Brisbane recently.

He got it.

"I posed an idea to the Prime Minister to combat real issues concerning the rising generation,” Campbell wrote to a friend after the event.

“I suggested that we teach children in schools a sense of purpose, identity and worth. Give children a personal foundation in which they can hold to when things get difficult. Instil in them values which promote their self-esteem, confidence and encourage them to reach their potential.”

Campbell says Mr Turnbull responded with questions as to how this would work—but was cut off by photographers.  

Reflecting on his brief conversation with Mr Turnbull, Campbell said: “If students pay attention, schools are great to teach how to spell, solve math equations and get prepared for the world academically. But never do they teach how to channel emotions after a hard day, to feel confident again after negative social experiences or to find motivation after being discouraged. 

“Often we develop these life skills on our own through repeated experience. Despite this however, I met many people on my [Mormon] mission that took a very long time to get this right and would have benefited long ago from some extra help."

Grant Campbell works as a computer programmer. He recently completed two years full-time missionary service with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is politically neutral but encourages its members to be good citizens and to work to strengthen individuals, families and communities. 

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