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Humanitarian Service

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints works worldwide to relieve human suffering, to promote self-reliance among all people, and give ongoing support to disadvantaged areas to improve literacy, living conditions and medical services. Assistance is provided without regard to race, nationality, politics or religion.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints conducts humanitarian activities worldwide. From 1985 to 2011, LDS Charities provided more than $1.4 billion in assistance to nearly 30 million people in 179 countries.

The Humanitarian arm of the Church is called LDS Charities. Unique in its support structure, LDS Charities has access to the resources of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which include food production and processing, donated used clothing, employment and social services, and the ability to purchase goods locally in many parts of the world. We sponsor relief and development projects in 179 countries.

Assistance is rendered without regard to race, religious affiliation, or nationality and is based on the core principles of personal responsibility, community support, self-reliance, and sustainability. Largely run with volunteer labour, we operate both independently and in cooperation with other charitable organisations and governments. More than one million man-days of labour are contributed yearly by volunteers in support of welfare initiatives.

We provide emergency relief assistance in times of natural disasters. In addition, our primary community development programs include clean water, neonatal resuscitation training, vision care, wheelchairs, immunizations, food production, and other health programs.

Sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, LDS Charities is an application of the admonition of Jesus Christ to help others in need. Jesus Christ taught His followers to give meat to the hungry and drink to those who thirst. His is a gospel that includes taking in the stranger, loving neighbours as self, and visiting those who are sick or imprisoned. He taught that we are to love and care for each other, visit the fatherless and widows in their afflictions, and lift up those whose hands hang down and whose knees are feeble.

The assistance we provide is made possible by generous donations of cash and in-kind materials from members and friends of the LDS Church.

2011 Humanitarian Fact Sheet

Emergency Response:  Millions of people in the world suffer from natural disasters every year.  When disasters occur, food, clothing, medical supplies, and other emergency relief assistance are sent to bless the lives of those with urgent needs. 

111 projects in 50 countries

Clean Water:  One billion people suffer thirst and disease because they lack clean water.  Water and sanitation systems are built and communities are taught hygiene and system maintenance, empowering them to meet their long-term water needs. 

1,100,000 people in 33 countries

Wheelchairs:  20 million disabled people need wheelchairs but cannot obtain one.  Wheelchairs and walking aids are provided to those in need who cannot afford one.  The recipient’s mobility, employability, an independence are greatly increased.

57,000 people in 54 countries

Neonatal Resuscitation: 900,000 babies die each year because they can’t breathe at birth.  Volunteers train in-country medical personnel who in turn train others to assist with resuscitation of newborns with breathing difficulties.

24,000 people in 33 countries

Vision Care:  45 million people are blind; millions more have severely limited eyesight.  Local, qualified doctors are trained to diagnose and treat vision problems.  Equipment and supplies essential for these procedures are also provided.

51,000 people in 24 countries

Benson Food Initiative:  Millions of children eat one meal a day because they don’t have enough food.  Quality of life is improved with home food production and nutrition training.  Less disease and work absence lead to increased self-reliance.

51,000 people in 16 countries

Immunisation:  Until recently, 750,000 people died each year because of measles.  The efforts of LDS Charities to inform communities about vaccination campaigns have helped contribute to dramatically-reduced measles-related deaths.

5 campaigns in 5 countries

Local Area Initiatives:  Projects are developed to meet local needs.  LDS Charities works at the local level to match resources to problems that need attention but are often not met.

1,484 projects in 101 countries

For a more detailed breakdown of the in-kind and cash contributions made by the Church you can call +61 (0)2 9872 4333 and request the Australian and International Welfare Services Fact Sheets or log on to

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