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Latter-day Saint is United States Consul General in Perth

Aleisha Woodward, recently appointed United States Consul General, assumed her office in Perth in September 2010. The Mormon CG coordinates all functions of the U.S. Government in Western Australia and keeps the U.S. Embassy in Canberra and U.S. government in Washington DC informed of developments in Western Australia that impact U.S. interests. She also represents the United States at public functions and speaking engagements.

Ms Woodward says, "It is a humbling experience to represent your country." 

There is nothing humble about her career, however. Joining the U.S. Department of State straight out of graduate school, Aleisha's diplomatic career has taken her to jobs in Japan, London, and Moldova. In Washington DC, she worked in the Secretary of State's office as a Senior Watch Officer and in the Office of Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands -- working primarily on Australia-U.S. issues. Just before coming to Perth, she completed a master's degree in national security strategy.

Do people know she is a Mormon? Aleisha says, "I attend many functions and don't drink alcohol, coffee, or tea, so the Word of Wisdom comes up regularly. I am also very open about my beliefs and talk about the Church quite often. I refer to the Church by its full name the first time in conversation, and the usual response is, 'Ah, so you're a Mormon."

Aleisha grew up in a family of twelve children and knew she wanted to be a diplomat from her youth. She drove tractors on the family potato farm, served a mission to Japan, and earned graduate and undergraduate degrees in international relations from BYU. Aleisha enjoys travelling, singing in her ward's Relief Society choir, and keeping in touch with her large family.

Her family has a theme song with the chorus: "Do what you do, do well." Aleisha says that song has remained her byword. It appears that she has done exactly that.

Ms Woodward recently gave an interview on ABC radio, in which she talked about how being a member of the Church has influenced her life.

Link to the ABC radio


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