News Release

Member Donations, Flood Stories & Helping Hands

The following is the latest information regarding the Australian floods.

Church member donation arrangements

The Pacific Area Presidency has issued the following advice to Church members who may wish to make a financial contribution to assist with Australian flood relief:

"Those who wish to make a donation to assist members of the Church who are victims of the flood may do so by contributing to Fast Offering. To assist flood victims from the wider community, donations may be made to the flood relief fund of your choice."

Do you have a flood story to tell?
Sharing life experiences strengthens and inspires others

T he Australian Church website is looking for stories to post on people's experiences with the recent floods in Australia. Your personal experience may encourage others in their times of loss and despair.

• Has a flooded home or business helped to build bonds within your family and helped to put into perspective the important things in life?
• Have you been involved in Mormon Helping Hands service to flood victims and want to relate your experience?
• Do you have you a faith-promoting account to tell about your experiences during this time of hardship and inconvenience?

Please write your personal story and send it to Suitable high resolution jpg photos relating to your experience are encouraged.

The website will also accept notice of organized Mormon Helping Hands opportunities to post

• The Gold Coast Australia Stake hopes to have hundreds of volunteers go by convoy bus, decorated with Australian flags, to flood-affected Brisbane areas on Saturday 29th January. Anyone is welcome to join. Volunteer pre-registration with the city council is essential and must be done by Australia Day, 26th January. For further information contact Warwick Vincent on 0413-086-110.


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