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Mormon Missionaries Offer Service at Greystanes Disability Service Centre

On a beautiful spring day, thirty young missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gathered together at the local Greystanes Disability Centre in Leura to begin a day of service.

Elder David Ball from San Francisco reflected, “We are representatives and volunteers for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We know as we serve and give back it is a great way to spread the love and do as Jesus Christ would do.”

Instead of playing basketball, riding bikes or enjoying a Saturday of fun, these young adults preferred to spend their time helping Greystane Disability Centre prepare the gardens for Spring.

Jesse Compton, Greystane's garden contractor remarked, “Without your help a lot would go by the wayside. We are trying to make a neat and friendly place for those that live here.”

Greystanes was established in 1958 and was originally known as the children’s home. They support people’s abilities with quality services to enable them to live an equitable life in their community.

"It feels good when you begin a project and accomplish it." said Elder Parkinson.

The Mormon missionaries spent their Saturday weeding flower gardens and raking dead leaves. They worked side by side with the Greystane staff throughout the day, washing windows, dusting cobwebs and interacting with the staff.

Mark Heinz, Greystanes Director commented, “I appreciate all the work you have done. I can’t thank you enough.”

As well as sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, Mormon missionaries also give community service to those in need through Mormon Helping Hands. Whether it is sprucing up a garden, a beach or another public space - or lending a hand after a natural disaster such as a tsunami, flood or cyclone - members of The Church of Jesus Christ can often be seen working alongside neighbors from other faiths and groups. 

Their efforts were part of a wider initiative involving Latter-day Saints and others in villages, towns and cities across the South Pacific. Volunteers participated in scores of service projects last Saturday, beautifying the environment and strengthening communities.

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