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Rugby, Family and Faith Motivate 'Rebel'


Faith and family are central to Robbie Abel, 29-year old rugby player for the Melbourne Rebels, and to his wife Taila.

The couple are both members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Robbie Abel says that his grandmother began a basketball club to keep her sons out of trouble. It was called the Rebels too.

He acknowledges that the Melbourne Rebels rugby club, and his family, provide a lot of support for him. He and Taila are anticipating the birth of their second child.

Their faith in God sustains them when making decisions regarding his career, Abel says.

Taila Abel agrees. "Because we have a relationship with our Heavenly Father. We trust what he has in store for us.”

"We have learnt a lot about ourselves because we are put in situations where we need to stop, pray, listen and then act,” she says. “Our decisions are always based on what we have been inspired to do."

And what does she think about her husband’s passion for rugby?

"I love what Robbie does because he does what he loves," Taila says. "Since he is doing what he truly loves, he is happy all the time, he is relaxed and he is mentally available."

She continues, "Robbie is the best husband and example for our son I could ask for. He is strong in his beliefs, hardworking and he prioritizes his time with his family.

Because of the active life he leads, our son likes to live an active life. At the tender age of two he loves to run, practice his ball passes, do push ups and squats holding a shoe over his head."

"We are lucky to have him home a lot of the time during the rugby season.”

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