News Release

Strengthen Yourself So You Can Strengthen Others

Approximately 200 women from the Sydney Australia Mortdale Stake (diocese) recently gathered at a special "Womens Conference" to discuss ways to strengthen themselves spiritually, physically and mentally. Recognising the many responsibilities that women take on, and the unmatched influence which they have in their homes and communities, these women gathered to learn how they may ‘strengthen themselves so they can help strengthen others.’


Australia Sydney Mission Leader Sister Tammy Runia opened the event with a message of hope. She explained, "I wanted to make bookmarks for the women, but I saw greater value in giving the women a message of joy and love that can stay in their hearts." She went on to share a message of the Saviour’s love for each person.

She continued, "Because of this love, we may remain in hope and optimism despite our challenges." 

Sister Runia concluded her thoughts on what it means to be successful in the home, stating, “She who loves the most and the longest, wins.”

Following the spiritual message, the women had an opportunity to attend workshops on physical health and mental well-being. Said one participant, “Women have so many responsibilities and such big hearts. When we can better look after ourselves, our ability to help others increases.”

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