News Release

Vanuatu Newspaper Writer Thinks Latter-day Saint “Action Speaks Louder than Words”

Taniela B. Wakolo, Area Seventy, recently met with a senior Journalist, Len Garae, of the Vanuatu Daily Post in Port Vila Vanuatu. Knowing the extensive humanitarian aid given by the Church to the island, the journalist felt Elder Wakolo's words were not empty ones.

He put in print what was explained about Latter-day Saints following Jesus Christ and the importance of strengthening families.

Garae noted Elder Wakolo as saying, "We believe that as we teach of Jesus Christ, family lives, individual lives, communities, and Vanuatu as a nation will become better."

Read the Daily Post article here Vanuatu Daily Post.

Elder Wokolo went to the island for training meetings with District Presidencies and Church public affairs councils. While there he also told radio station personnel and Pastor Shem Tema, General Secretary of the Vanuatu Christian Council, about the Church and its teachings.


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