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Vietnamese Refugee Finds Faith and Fulfillment 


On 27 February 1979 a young Thai Do and his family left the shores of Vietnam on a boat with 384 other refugees for an uncertain future. Today he enjoys safety and security, faith and fulfillment. 

But in post-war Vietnam, Thai Do and his family were living in extreme conditions. Executions were common and recapture from escape could mean death or imprisonment. 

Fortunately he and his family were given permission to leave but at a sum that could feed a family for a year. A family friend intervened with the necessary funds and Thai's family were on their way.

Of the three boats that left at the same time as Thai Do's family, one sunk with 300 people on board and the other was robbed by sea pirates.

Thai Do's boat with its passengers luckily made it to an unhabited island in Malaysia.

"But there was no food on that island," Thai said.

“With 384 people stranded, we quickly ate all that we had bought with us within a week."

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