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Visiting Church Leaders Meet with Australian Women and Girls

Elder S. Gifford Nielsen of the Pacific Area Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Sister Linda S. Reeves of the Church's Relief Society general presidency, and Sister Carol F. McConkie of the Church's Young Women general presidency, met with women and girls in Melbourne last night.

The meeting was for all female members of the Church aged eight and up. Hundreds attended the event in the Melbourne suburb of Wantirna, with many more participating via satellite broadcast in other church buildings throughout the Australian states of Victoria and Tasmania.

Sister Reeves spoke about “making righteous choices in our lives, which brings us to Christ.”

“Do we know where we are going?” she asked those in attendance? “Choices can lead to eternal life.”

“Sometimes bad things happen in our lives,” she added, “but they do not need to alter our choices. Our mistakes do not define who we really are.”

“Heavenly Father is a loving father. He will allow all of His children to make their own choices. If we want to live together with Heavenly Father and Jesus and be part of His eternal kingdom we must live according to the plan of salvation He has given us. We must be the beacon light to all of God’s children."

“Virtue above all else leads us to eternal life,” she said.

In her remarks, Sister McConkie said, “The two most important words are 'remember' and 'legacy.’”

“There are severe consequences of forgetting our legacy. We choose what we want to remember. Choose not to be focused on the negative, to blame others for what is wrong with us."

“Remembering makes a difference—it is our heritage,” she added. “Remember those who inspire us and the qualities of love and obedience. Remember, remember, the rock on which we are built is Jesus Christ.”

Sister McConkie shared how both she and Sister Reeves have been giving people pass-along cards about the Church to fellow travellers as they have been visiting Australia and the South Pacific.

She also spoke about her husband’s support for her throughout their marriage and as she serves as a leader in the Church.

Melbourne-based Church leader, Elder Robert J. Dudfield also attended the meeting, along with other local Latter-day Saint leaders.

Elder Dudfield defined Christ-centred womanhood in terms of the qualities listed in the Church’s 13th Article of Faith.

The visiting women leaders are travelling with their husbands, Mel Reeves and Oscar McConkie III.

In Mel Reeves’ comments last night, he said, "Sometimes life doesn't turn out the way we want, but we must keep the faith. We are led by prophets and apostles who know our Saviour and Heavenly Father, and will lead us home if we follow them."

Oscar McConkie talked about his love for God the Father, the Saviour and the Holy Ghost.

The visiting Church leaders will meet with missionaries this morning followed by a luncheon with Latter-day Saints and others involved in supporting former refugees in Melbourne communities.

Tonight the visitors will hold a special family home evening with young adults.

Later this week Sisters Reeves and McConkie will meet with members and guests of the Church in Christchurch, Wellington and Papeete.

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