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What Do Mormon Missionaries Do When They Come Home?

Returned missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints living in Sydney get hands-on advice about building a strong and happy future

Young men and women who have completed 18 months to two years of missionary service came together recently in Sydney to talk about what they are doing next in their lives. The gathering took place on Saturday 13 September 2014 at Buckland House, Carlingford.

The purpose of the seminar, according to Johnny Leota, Self-Reliance Manager for the Church in New South Wales and Victoria, was: “To help these young returned missionaries catch a vision of an abundant life, a good career, faithful membership in the Church, a temple marriage, and raising a family in the gospel.”

Mr. Leota was a mission president in Samoa, prior to his current position.

The young people gathered to hear presentations on many subjects, including: creating a résumé; aptitude vs. interests; acquiring a job while you get through university or vocational training; enrolling in and attending Institute; and setting goals for the next five years.

Sister Shannon Smith, a Latter-day Saint missionary in the Sydney area who helps people focus on self-reliance principles and resources, shared with the group the importance of a good résumé.

She also encouraged the young people to set goals for the future.  “When you decide what your path is going to be, don’t be afraid to walk down it,” she said. 

George Choi, a former missionary who served in Brisbane, has been home for one week. He said, “This seminar has brought me spiritual impressions and has reminded me of what my mission president in Brisbane often said, ‘One of the most common words used in the Book of Mormon is remember.’ This helps me remember what I have already learned on my mission, and to focus my life on the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

Tianya Zhang served her mission in Melbourne and has been back home in Sydney since May.  She said, “Today has helped me to put my priorities in order for my life and make a five year plan.”

Currently there are over 80,000 missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving around the world.

Watch a video about missionary service.

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