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Young Mormon Family and New Business Grow Together

A young Mormon father of three small children has won the 2012 Central Coast Business Excellence Micro (Home-Based) Business Award. Tim Close exemplifies the great diversity amongst the members of the Church from small business entrepreneur to presidential candidate.

Close Financial Group was founded by Tim Close in 2007 when he was just 25 years old.  Now, as a 30 year old, Tim attributes his success to following the principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (The Mormons.)

“Winning this award allows me to be a role model for other young business owners to inspire them with their dreams and goals,” says Tim.  “In my opinion, you can be young, successful and happy in small business and family.”

“Our community needs more worthy, hardworking, honest, family-oriented leaders. Our youth need to have role models that show the benefits of real life and the reality that with hard work you can gain greater happiness.”

Tim knows the challenges involved in balancing family life with building a new business.  He started working as a cadet accountant while carrying a full-time study load at Southern Cross University.

After he and his wife had their first daughter, he completed his degree and began studying for his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) while working full-time.  He started his own bookkeeping business and, around the time of the birth of their second daughter, launched his own accounting business.

Eager to share what he’s learned about running a successful business from home, Tim says, “My creed is ‘find joy in the journey’. Balancing work and family life is so important, that it is listed as one of my company’s core values.”

Tim sets the bar high for all of his employees.  Amongst a number of core requirements, Tim indicated that an employee must have at least five years relevant experience and a minimum of Certificate IV in Finance-Bookkeeping.

Tim and his wife, Georgina, joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when they were 21, one year after being married.  “Our lives totally changed after we were baptised,” Tim expressed thoughtfully. “Now we enjoy serving others in our community and in our Church.”

People such as Tim and Georgina Close represent the great diversity within the Church.  Whether it is a presidential candidate such as Mitt Romney, a small business entrepreneur, a full-time mother or the general manager of a local government council, Church members also reflect the diversity within the community.

 “Yet,” says Tim Close, “all of us as Latter-day Saints are encouraged to aspire to greatness.  This is not necessarily the greatness that comes from being known publicly but, rather, the greatness that comes from doing a job well and selflessly giving all we have to our families and our communities.”

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