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Young Single Adults Give Sydney Temple Grounds a Sprucing

Young Single Adults from the Sydney Harbor Ward (congregation) met in Carlingford for a service project recently to clean the grounds of the Sydney Temple.

Despite professional crews working weekly to maintain the Temple grounds, the large area needed volunteers.  Young people along with their adult leaders worked side by side to rake and clean the beautiful premises which are an icon in the community.

Church leader Anthoney Akroyd commented, “Having worked on the temple grounds reminds me of how much work is needed to be done inside the temple walls for our families.”

Here are some additional comments from the members of the congregation, many of them university students from various countries around the world.

“It was hard work but compared to what the Lord has done for me, it is a small thing.”  Vanessa USA

“As I was pruning some bushes I thought of the talk Hugh B. Brown gave of pruning the current bush that taught about the “gardener” knowing what is best for us.” Giulia - Italy

“I had freedom to choose to participate today and I am glad I made the choice to clean the temple grounds.”  Cody - Australia

I am hoping that when people come to the temple they will think “oh how clean the gardens are”.  Lainey – China

“Coming here is a great opportunity to show Heavenly Father how we feel about this sacred place.” Jarem - Australia

“I came because I want to be here with friends in this holy place.”  Yan Lin - Singapore.

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