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Four Latter-day Saints Share Their Talents in Sydney Musical

Performer Patrice Tipoki Arkins is currently starring as Fantine in Les Misérables at the Capital Theatre in downtown Sydney.  

The New-Zealand born Australian singer says this role is one she has wanted to play since she was a little girl.

Known to Australian audiences for her lead roles in The Lion King and Wicked, she has been preparing to play Fantine for over 20 years. She first saw Les Misérables in Brisbane at the age of six.  From that point she would perform songs from the show for anyone who would listen.

The associate musical director of the Sydney production is Patrice’s sister, Laura Tipoki. Their younger brother, Tama Kratzman, is playing Gavroche. All three siblings are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A fourth Latter-day Saints, Olivia Swinton, plays the part of Cossette in the production.   

According to Patrice, “Les Mis is such a powerful piece for many reasons. As a member of the Church I find the themes of redemption through Christ and finding hope in adversity particularly poignant.”

“We all have challenges in life and strive to overcome them,” she says. “And I think that people on stage, struggling, give us hope that we can get through too.”

Patrice’s mother, Vickie Marama Larkin, is thrilled that three of her children are involved in the same musical. “It is very exhilarating seeing your children grow up and get work in the music industry.  It is indeed rare for us to be in the same place at the same time as their careers take them in many directions.  It is a treat to be able to gather together for even a meal.”

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