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Latter-day Saint Woman Named Tasmania’s Mother of the Year

Lisa King was recently named Barnardos Mother of the Year for Tasmania. She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as are her family.

Lisa was nominated for the position by long-time friend Reeve McLennan who said he was “prompted to do so because of the inspiration she is to so many others.”

Lisa’s son Noah was born with a brain condition known as hydranencephaly.  She and her husband Aaron were told that he would only live for four years. He lived to the age of 10. The couple have three other children Jalen, Harri and Kobe who helped care for Noah during his illness.

Three months after Noah’s death in October 2011, Lisa’s husband Aaron died of a heart attack at the age of thirty nine. 

Watch a news report about Lisa King being named Tasmania’s Mother of the Year.

Lisa received her award from the Premier of Tasmania, Will Hodgman.  She attended the awards presentation in Sydney for Australian Mother of the year as a state finalist, where she met the Australian Prime Minister, Hon Tony Abbott MP and his wife Margaret.

Barnados Australia was incorporated in 1996 and still has links with Barnardos International.  According to the organisation’s website it is “one of the leading child protection charities in Australia.”

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