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Knitted Dolls from Hobart Delight Families in Africa


The Hobart knitters are at it again but this time they’ve added more than 30 knitted dolls to the over 3000 knitted bandages they’ve sent to a Catholic hospital in Niger, Africa.

The knitters, members of the Hobart Stake (diocese) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints began knitting cotton bandages for the hospital over 15 years ago.

Besides addressing the needs of leprosy patients, the Centre de Santé et de Leprologie (CSL) in Niger provides rural village women with education and food supplements, health care and immunizations for their children.

When they received the package of bandages and dolls from Hobart, Nancy Brown, Director of the Centre responded gratefully.

“The little girls and their mothers enthusiastically received your knitted dolls. Know that little girls who have never had a doll will love them dearly. Thank you for being willing to make these dolls in addition to the bandages. They are so appreciated at CSL.”

Some of the rural Nigerian women are also now knitting. If they have come to the adjacent health clinic for surgery, they are taught to knit during their recovery. The hope is that when they return to their remote villages, they will use this newly acquired skill to produce items to sell and provide added income for their families.

Nancy Brown adds, “Thank you ‘knitters’ for blessing us with the fruits of your labours.”

It may seem like a small contribution, but over the years, the time and generosity of the Hobart knitters has made a big difference in the lives of patients and women and children in Niger, Africa.

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