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Visiting US Recording Artist and Author Speak in Adelaide

American singer, David Archuleta, and author Brad Wilcox visited Adelaide to speak to youth, young adults and missionaries last week.

The event — a devotional meeting — took place on the 11th of August at the Firle Stake building of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and was attended by 700 Church members and guests.

David Archuleta began the evening by telling the young people in attendance that the gathering was “not about us tonight, we want it to be about the Saviour. We hope that you can pay attention to the Spirit because it speaks to our hearts.”

He also spoke about Latter-day Saint temples and how they focus on strengthening faith in God and Jesus Christ, and helping families. He also talked about his two-year mission to Chile. 

Brad Wilcox talked about the privilege of serving a mission for the Church and how the missionaries’ names will always be remembered by the people they teach.

“Especially in today’s world, where people have almost given up on organised religion, as Latter-day Saints, we have a base that is strong. We have living apostles and prophets,” he said. 

“When we become members of the Church, our lives are forever changed. It shapes us and transforms us. We have the Book of Mormon as a companion to the Bible and we have the Spirit to guide us. When we have the spirit of Jesus Christ, it motivates us, and changes our hearts.”

Mr Wilcox then likened the Spirit of God to a furnace saying that “the only time we notice it is when it’s not working.”

“When it’s with us,” he said, “it fills our emptiness and carries us forever.”

Mr Archuleta sang the theme song from the “Meet the Mormons” full length feature film, “Glorious.” 

Elder Andrew O’Riordan, a senior regional leader of the Church, closed the devotional by telling the young people in attendance how much the Church’s president, Thomas S. Monson, loves the youth and young adults of the Church around the world.

He encouraged those in attendance to read the scriptures daily, read or listen to the Church’s general conference addresses, and to pay close attention to the words of President Thomas S. Monson. 

Watch a short video about the Church.

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