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Youth Religious Ambassadors Discuss Faith and Tolerance


Youth representatives from six different faiths recently participated in a panel discussion about how young people of faith can work together towards tolerance and unity.

Hosted by the City of Kingston Interfaith Network at the Moorabbin Chapel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the panel included young people representing Judaism, Catholicism, Latter-day Saints, Islam, Bahá’í, and Hare Krishna.

Panellists had the opportunity to share lesser-known facts about their faith as well as to debunk common misconceptions about their beliefs. They also shared how their faith helps them personally.

“As a young adult, having faith provides me with an immense level of peace,” said Eden Kimberley, a 20 year old sociology student, representing The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “It enables me to feel as though I have a purpose on this earth and is extremely comforting knowing where I came from and where I will be going.”

Rochelle Braverman, 20, representing Judaism said the number one advantage for her is being part of a supportive community.

“I have people that are just like me around me and it feels really safe and comforting.”

All of the panellists commented on how religion is still an important force for good in the world.

“I’m a person of faith because I want to be a contributor of change,” said Niyoosha Roberts, a 20 year old nursing student representing the Bahá’í faith. “I’m developing qualities that help me contribute towards social progress.”

She said it also informed her decision to pursue a career in nursing.

The panellists also discussed how young people can work together to promote tolerance and unity.

Lalita Lamichhane, a nursing student representing the Hare Krishnas, said learning to embrace diversity is key.

“It's important that we stay humble and appreciate each other's differences and that's when we can connect really well,” she commented.

Muslim psychology student Serenah Alam compared the need for diversity to the human body.

“All of the organs and the systems in our body are working together to a common goal,” she said. “Even though they have different functions they have a common purpose. As different religions we have a common goal to bring peace to the world.”

Georgia Sheppard, a Catholic year 12 student said exploring different belief systems has helped her grow spiritually.

“We have to look at our differences with an open mind,” she said. “How are they positive, how can I incorporate it into my life?”

Each of the panellists were incredibly positive about their experience, remarking on their increased desire to better understand other faiths following the event.

“Coming together with people from different faiths has been an amazing experience as it opened my eyes into seeing the vast variety of similarities and common ground our religions share,” said Eden Kimberley.

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