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"Look Up and Light The World" Announce Perth's Sky Banners


Perth has taken to the skies by flying sky banners across highly populated areas encouraging people to Light the World through acts of kindness in 25 ways over 25 days. Each banner had a different message, and all were designed to cause people to look up to Christ and follow His example:

  • Look Up – Unite Perth #LightTheWorld
  • Start Today - #LightTheWorld
  • 25 Ways in 25 Days #LightTheWorld
  • Be His Light #LightTheWorld
  • #LightTheWorld

The inspiration behind the sky banners was Fiona Maile, Public Affairs Director in Western Australia for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

She recalls, “I was thinking about what was needed for Perth this Christmas and the words ‘Look Up’ came to mind. As we look up, we see the light of the sun and the light of our Saviour. 'Unite Perth' can also be signified in the letters UP."

Fiona adds, “I wondered how to get this message to all of Perth and thought - a sky banner leading people to literally 'look up' to where they could find out about the Light the World Initiative –”

The sky banners have been seen by countless people around Perth letting them know that each can be a light to someone they serve this Christmas season. 

Brian Collingridge, who arranged for the banners to be flown said, “I am so impressed with your church and its teachings. Many other faiths often say they are doing good however, you Mormons really are. You feed the hungry and help many in need all over the world.”

When Fiona shared with Brian an experience she’d had in paying a kindness forward, Brian mentioned he wanted to pay it forward too by doing an additional banner of his own. The new sky banner reads, “Pay it Forward - #LightTheWorld."

What could be a more wonderful way to begin the New Year than with the invitation to continue to 'pay it forward' with acts of kindness throughout 2018? 

Jesus is the Light of the World. How will you be His light in the lives of those around you this coming year?

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