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Rise in Faith


The Most Reverend Archbishop Julian C. Porteous recently encouraged about 100 youth and their parents to "Rise in Faith" at a devotional held in Hobart, Tasmania on Wednesday 18th October.

The devotional held in the Rosny chapel of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, provided opportunities for participants to learn and appreciate the unity and love they can have for each other as fellow Christians.

Belinda Docking described her experience listening to the Archbishop. "I learned we aren't alone in our thoughts, beliefs and desire to live the gospel and to do our best to be better people."

"I found it enlightening to listen to His Grace speak of the changing world we live in, and his recognition that in time to come Christians will need to stand together and be unified," commented Jane Pash. 

Speaking of his lifelong commitment to the Saviour, Archbishop Porteous shared with the audience his story of personal conversion and of how God had clearly intervened in his life.

"I have had experiences of the heart" explains the Archbishop, "where I have been overwhelmed by the greatness of God."

"My sense of wonder, beauty, power and majesty of God still continues today."

He told the congregation of the importance of the scriptures and how they provide the fundamental elements of his faith. He has learned that God speaks immediately and directly to us through scripture.

"When God disappears from human life, then a darkness comes," warned Archbishop Porteous. "This leads to humanity itself becoming darkened."

He continues, "When people lose faith, their mind is darkened and they don't see truth for what it is. The loss of truth is a casualty of the loss of faith."

"Speak the truth in love. Never manipulate. Share what your faith means to you," counselled Archbishop Porteous.

Tyson Read, a young single adult came away from the devotional with the knowledge that people of all faiths can have spiritual experiences and promptings, "that everyone is born with the light of Christ."

Sarah Scott observed, "Discussions with people of different faiths can be thought provoking, boosting our love for our fellow man and even strengthening our personal faith in Christ."

Archbishop Julian Porteous concluded his speech by encouraging youth to increase their faith in Christ by strengthening their relationship with Him. "We are not lost if we are united with God,"

After closing remarks by Stake President Phillip Smith of the Hobart Stake (diocese) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the youth, young single adults, and parents were able to mix and mingle with each other and with His Grace, Archbishop Porteous.

It was a evening for all participants to come away with more understanding, unity and encouragement to "Rise in Faith" of Jesus Christ.

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